GEM People:

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NAME Firstname Place Themes Techniques 
ALVES Isabel CBMN, Bordeaux Cell penetrating peptides GPCR Plasmon Waveguide Resonance IR, Raman, BAM
BAADEN Marc LBT, Paris Membrane proteins  SNARE & membrane fusion Molecular Dynamics Virtual lab
BECHINGER Burkhard IC, Strasbourg Membrane peptides  Aggregated peptides Solid-state NMR Peptide production
BONDON Arnaud ICM, Rennes  Lipid-protein Interactions  Dystrophin, membrane active peptides NMR Fluorescence, CD
BROUTIN Isabelle LCRB, Paris Structural biology of membrane proteins
Antibiotics resistance, RND efflux pumps Proteins crystallography Proteins biochemistry & biophysics
CASTANO Sabine CBMN, Bordeaux Antimicrobial peptides Fusion peptides IR Raman, BAM
COMBET, Sophie LLB, Saclay Protein-membrane interactions Protein unfolding SANS/SAXS, CD INS (inelastic neutron scattering)
DE Emmanuelle PBS, Rouen Biofilms Bacterial resistance Proteomics Image analysis
DRIN Guillaume IPMC, Valbonne
Lipid transport Membrane tethering Fluorescence, in vitro reconstitution Microscopy, DLS, CD
DUFOURC Erick CBMN, Bordeaux Membrane & colloid dynamics Lipids, peptides & tannins  Solid-state & liquid-state NMR Molecular dynamics
FIESCHI Franck IBS, Grenoble Membrane & Immunity NADPH complex Analytical Ultracentrifugation  Membrane Protein Purification 
FRAGNETO Giovana ILL, Grenoble Structure of natural & model membranes Rafts & floating bilayers Neutron reflectivity & diffraction Grazing-incidence synchrotron
GIRARD-EGROT Agnès ICBMS, Lyon  Biomimetic membranes  Biochips  Langmuir monolayers, tBLM BAM, SPR
GRAUBY-HEYWANG Christine LOMA, Talence

Planar lipid systems

Oxydized lipids, Biosensors Fluorescence microscopy AFM
JOHANNES Ludger IC, Paris


Lateral membrane compartmentalization Imaging Reconstitution
LAFONT Franck Inst Pasteur, Lille Host-pathogen interactions Cell biomechanics Optic and Electronic Imaging Force spectroscopy
MARGUET Didier CIML, Marseille Membrane dynamics T lymphocyte signaling  Single molecule fuorescence Multiple-target tracing, quantum dots
MOREAU Christophe IBS, Grenoble Ion Channels GPCR Electrophysiology Protein engineering
MICHEL Jean-Philippe IGPS, Châtenay-Malabry Physico-Chimie des surfaces interactions molécule/membrane  Langmuir, Brewster, QCMD AFM, Vesicle electroformation
MILHIET Pierre-Emmanuel CBS, Montpellier Lipid-protein Interactions Microdomains, Tetraspanins AFM Single Molecule Fluorescence
 MUS-VETEAU Isabelle IPMC, Nice  Hedgehog receptor Drug transport Fluorescence microscopy Membrane biochemistry
ROLS Marie-Pierre IPBS, Toulouse Membrane permeabilization  GUV, 2D and 3D cell cultures, tissues  Electroporation  Imaging
SALOME Laurence IPBS, Toulouse Mmebrane organization & dynamics Signalling  FRAP, SPT, TPM Microspectrofluorimetry
SEKSEK Olivier IMNC, Paris human tissues Brain Multimodal imaging Optical endomicroscopy
VIE Véronique IPR, Rennes  Mmebrane lipid monolayers Lipid-protein interactions  BAM, PMIRRAS, AFR  Ellipsometry, Interfacial rheology
WALRANT Astrid LBM, Paris Cell-Penetrating Peptides Actin Calorimetry Cell Culture
WARSCHAWSKI Dror LPCMP, Paris  Lipid membranes  Membrane proteins & peptides Solid state NMR  
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