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Three French students are visiting Karnataka during spring and summer 2016.


GARCIA Eloïse is a first year master student, specialized in organic chemistry at Bordeaux University. As undergraduate student, she has been working on the synthesis of molecular probes for the detection of neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine. She aims to become bio-organic researcher.

Project title : Understanding the properties of cell membrane-derived nanocarriers for the rational design of targeted drug delivery systems

Scientific domain : Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering

Host Institution : Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur

Summary: Cell-derived Nanocarriers have the advantages of a well preserved cell membrane structure and targeting moieties and are attractive carriers for targeted drug delivery. To rationally design such Nanocarriers one needs to understand the interaction between the cell-derived membrane and the drug and its effect on drug loading and release. Hence as a starting point, we seek to characterize the lipid bilayer derived from different cell types using experimental and modelling studies. Using a convection-driven drug release model in Nanocarriers, we intend to study various mechanisms that affect drug loading and release such as drug-bilayer interaction, convection mass-transfer and free-energy change. Later, we will design drug loading and release experiments using Nanocarriers derived from various cell types such as bacteria and erythrocytes. Convection-driven drug release model will be validated by fitting it with the experimental data and relevant kinetic and reaction parameters would be obtained. In summary, this integrated study would facilitate better understanding and rational design of cell-derived Nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery.


Indian coordinator : Dr. S. Raganath

French coordinator : Dr. I. Gosse

Dates of stay : June 1st – August 31st 2016






GARCIA-MAGIN Nina isa second–year-food-science student at ENSCBP, the Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Physics which is part of Bordeaux Institute of Technology (Bordeaux INP Aquitaine). She has experience in project management: I am part of a 6-student team working on 1-year project which consists in developing an innovative food product. It involves working on all the aspects of developing food products: market research, product formulation, pilot-scale-product production, microbiology tests, marketing, packaging, sustainability of

Project title : Optimization of Bio-oil production from glycerol using Cryptococcus heveanensis

Scientific domain : Bioprocess Engineering

Host Institution : NMAM Institute of Technology

Summary: Increase in Biodiesel production has resulted in glut of glycerol, which is a by- product of Biodiesel industry. A small fraction of glycerol will find its use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and remaining will be a major problem as far as disposal is concerned. Therefore, the surplus glycerol could be utilized for the production of other value added products of industrial importance. Conversion of surplus glycerol of biodiesel industry into value added product will cut down the cost of Biodiesel production and enhances the economic viability of Biodiesel industry. One of the value added products is bio-oil from glycerol, which could be reutilized for the production of Biodiesel or other pharmaceutically important products like w3-fatty acids. Bio-oil from glycerol will be produced using Cryptococcus heveanensis isolated in this lab. Optimization of bio-oil production will be undertaken using various parameters by applying response surface methodology (RSM) and OFAT (one factor at a time) analysis approach.


Indian coordinator : Dr. Vaman Rao

French coordinator : Dr. C. Le Henaff

Dates of stay : June 27th – November 18th 2016the project as well as studying the cost price of our product.







MALAPERT Quentin is currently studying at a Master's degree at the University of Bordeaux. He is curious and passionate about Physics Instrumentation, and also pay a special attention to new, emerging technologies in the field. He is very interested by the protection of the environment and in particular by applications of Physics with renewable energies.

Project title : Understanding the electronic and optical properties of organic - inorganic hybrid perovskites

Scientific domain : Physical Chemistry and Materials science

Host Institution : Indian Institute of Sciences – Bangalore (IISc)

Summary: Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites have revolutionised the field of photovoltaics, with solar cell efficiency shooting over 20%. With the organic cation in the inorganic cage of lead and halide, these perovskites show very unique electronic and optical properties. These perovskites usually show structural phase transitions and exist in cubic/ tetragonal / orthorhombic phase at various temperatures. The bandgap of methylammonium lead iodide is nearly 1.5 eV and shows a large absorption coefficient. In this project, we shall synthesise bulk and thin films of a variety of such organic-inorganic perovskites and measure their absorbance, luminescence and dielectric properties which are necessary to understand their unique properties and high efficiency in solar cells.


Indian coordinator : Pr. D. D. Sarma

French coordinator : Pr. E. Abraham

Dates of stay : May 20th – August 31st 2016




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