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He realises study work for a defined project, in the respect of regulation and he must be careful about hygiene and security rules too. The Research and development Officer has to respect his bill of specification, so organization is important for him.

The Research and development Team Leader has to coordinate this research team in order to realise projects. He must have some knowledge in management for handling this teams and he must be organized like the research and development officer.

He defines and pilots the processes of control implementation of the raw materials and products at different stage of manufacture in accordance with the regulations and the rules of hygiene and security.

As a part of the development of a new medicine, Research and Development project Managers must lead a research and development project for a product and manage multidisciplinary teams in order to succeed in obtaining its recording and ratification.

As a part of the strategic aim of the company and respect of legislation, regulation and hygiene and security rules, department research and development manager propose projects, subjects, studies of research and development of medical product. He put scientific or technological studies in place by definiting and managing humans and materials resources necessary for their realisation.

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