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With 61 million inhabitants, Karnataka is the 9th Indian state by population. It comes in 8th position by area (192,000 km²). Karnataka contributes to 5% of Indian GDP. The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India with its rapid development of computer industries and companies such as Infosys and Wipro; It is also well known for high-tech industries, biotechnology and aeronautics. 150 French companies are established in Karnataka, including EADS and Schneider Electric. Some of these companies are now trying to set up partnerships with the academic world, others are setting up R & D centers to adapt their products to the local market. One may mention the company L'Oréal, which installed its advanced research center in Bangalore in 2013 and is working with the Indian Institute of Biology of stem cells and regenerative medicine (inStem).


source: Science department, French Consulate in Bangalore



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