Sunday Oct 3rd   Monday October 4th Tuesday October 5th Wednesday October 6th  
  7h30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast 7h30
  8h15 Opening (Erick Dufourc)     8h15
  8h30 S1. Chemistry & physics of lipids S5. Lipidomics & Lipid Metabolism S8. Hybrid Lipids 8h30
    C1.  Lipids, curvature and the action of lipid prodrugs.
Ole Mouritsen (Denmark)
C11.  Shotgun lipidomics screens: technology and applications
Andrej Shevchenko (Germany)
C7.  Hybrid Lipid-DNA Self-Assemblies
Piero Baglioni (Italy)
  9h10 C2.  Nano-scale compartmentation in bilayers, monolayers and thin films
Marie Pierre Krafft (France)
C12.  Detection of early metabolic dysfunctions associated to weight gain using metabolomics
Jean-Louis Sebedio (France)
C8. Rêves moleculaires en oxygène et carbone
Julien Eastoe (United Kingdom)
  9h50 O1. Hydration and mobility in lipid bilayers detected by the fluorescence solvent relaxation technique: Hofmeister series and oxidised phospholipids
Martin Hof (Czech Rep)
O11. Effect of dietary palmitic acid substitution either for myristic acid, lauric acid or short-chain saturated fatty acids on plasma lipid parameters, enzymatic activities and tissue fatty acid composition in the rat
Helene Ezanno (France)
O11. Endotoxin lipid A structural diversity and variabity related to bacterial adaptation and virulence
Alexey Novikov (France)
  10h05 O2.  Stereochemical effect on the self-organisation of archaeal lipid analogues
Nolwenn Terme (France)
O12. Role of CD1e protein in the processing of mycobacterial glycolipid antigens
Martine Gilleron (France)
O12. Steryl glycosides in a nutshell
Raquel Gomez-Coca (Spain)
  10h20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break 10h20
  10h40 S2. Lipids & Brain S6. Dietary Lipids & Health Effects  S9.  Lipid-based vehicles for drug delivery 10h40
    C3.  Mediators Lipidomics uncovers key survival signaling in Alzheimer’s disease and experimental stroke
Nicolas Bazan (USA)
C9.  The metabolic syndrome of omega-3-depleted rats
Willy J. Malaisse (Belgium)
C15.  Lipids for gene transfection : from basic science to clinical application
Paul-Alain Jaffrès (France)
  11h20 C4.  Maintaining brain polyunsaturate concentrations: Brain uptake and metabolism
Richard Bazinet (Canada)
C10.  Intestinal Nuclear Receptors : Targets in Lipid Metabolism
Sophie Lestavel (France)
C16.  Charge-reversal lipids for delivery of biologics
Mark Grinstaff (USA)
  12h00 O3. Omega 3 Fatty acids and neuroinflammation
Sophie Layé (France)
O13. Discovery and Characterization of an Arabidopsis thaliana N-Acylphosphatidylethanolamine Synthase
Denis Coulon (France)
O22. Formation and application of lipid-based multilamellar vesicles containing magnetic nanoparticles
Chrystel Faure (France)
  12h15 O4. HIV-1 Tat protein inhibits neurosecretion mechanism through interaction with plasma membrane-embedded phosphatidylinositol 4,5 bisphosphate
Petra Tryoen-Toth (France)
O14. Dietary Lipids and Hepatic Lipid Homeostasis with or without PPARα
Kiyoto Motojima (Japan)
O23. Nanovectors to pass through Biological Barriers
Cédric Gervaise (France)
  12h30 Lunch Lunch Lunch 12h30
  14h00 Poster session Poster session S10. Formulation & Bioavailability of Lipids 14h00
    C17. The influence of emulsion structure on lipid bioavailability
Martine Armand (France)
    O24. Model emulsions stabilised by proteins as a tool for studying anti-oxidant or prooxidant activities of edible materials
Claude Genot (France)
    O25. Comparative Metabolic Fate of a-linolenic Acid from Structured Lipids in Rats
Leslie Couëdelo (France)
    Closure 15h20
    Departure of participants 15h30
  15h30 S3. Plant Lipids S7. Lipid Extraction & Analysis    
    C5.  A fatty acid world
Jean-Paul Douliez (France)
C11.  Localized lipidomics on tissue sections by Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Olivier Laprévote (France)
  16h10 C6.  Sterol function during Arabidopsis cytokinesis
Markus Grebe (Sweeden)
C12.  Direct Lipid Analysis from Tissues by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization (LAESI) Mass Spectrometry
Akos Vertes  (USA)
  16h50 Coffee Break Coffee Break    
Registration 17h10 O5. Chemical KO of the multigenic family of Arabidopsis monogalactosyldiacylglycerol synthases, using Galvestine-1, a novel diacylglycerol analogue.
Eric Maréchal (France)
O15. New Mass Spectrometric Methods for Analysis of Eicosanoids, Fatty Acids and Lysophospholipids
Michael Gelb (USA)
17h25 O6. Impact of Glucosylceramide biosynthesis on Golgi morphology, protein trafficking and cell polarity in plant cells
Patrick Moreau (France)
O16. Dual extraction of both lipid and mRNA from a single sample
Justine Bertrand Michel (France)
17h40 O7. Effects of sphingolipid biosynthetic pathways inhibition on polarity, membrane trafficking and endomembranes organization in plant cells
Béatrice Satiat-Jeunemaitre (France)
O17. PSI1 encodes an acyltransferase responsible for the stearic acid enrichment characteristic of phosphatidylinositol in yeast.
Marina Le Guédard (France)
  S4. Industry & lipids GERLI Thesis prizes    
17h55 O8. Bioproducts – Panorama and perspectives
Jean-David Leao (France)
O18. Role of sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase in cancer development & chemotherapy resistance
Sandra Colié (France)
18h10 O9. HPTLC, as the modern version of TLC, is rapid, quantitative, and hyphenated also with MS: a suitable tool box for lipids analysis.  
Pierre Bernard-Savary (France)
O19. Roles of Caveolins in lipid droplet size expansion properties
Cédric Blouin (France)
18h25   GERLI Poster Prize Award    
  18h40   GERLI General assembly    
Welcome Buffet 20h00 Dinner GERLI Dinner    


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