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History of the group


1983 Erick Dufourc obtained a PhD in Biophysics & NMR from the University of Ottawa/National Research Council, Canada.
1984-1986 Erick Dufourc hired at CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research, France) in 1984, in the group "membranes" headed by  Dr. Jean Dufourcq at CRPP. Development of solid state NMR of lipids and peptides. 200 and 270 MHz
1987 Erick Dufourc's sabbatical in University of Stuttgart, Germany, working on the theory of membrane dynamics by NMR with Prof Gerd Kothe. PhD: JM Bonmatin
1988-1994 Biophysics of membrane lipids at CNRS (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP), hired Wilfrid Neri (chemistry engineer) and Gérard Raffard (NMR engineer). PhDs: M Delnomdedieu, S Gaillard. A Leonard. Post-Doc: J Katsaras
1995-1997 Early plans on the Institut Européen de Chimie Moléculaire from Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau), by Pierre Bothorel, Jean-Yves Lallemand, Joseph Wagner & Erick Dufourc. PhDs: F Auguste, JP Douliez, JC Maillet, A Rzama, L Girault, T Pott, R Marinov, C Faure
1998 Founder, with Profs Jean-Yves Lallemand and Léon Ghosez,  of the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology/Ecole Polytechnique. Creation of the NMR of membranes group. Installation of 400 and 500 MHz spectrometers on ENSCPB grounds. Post-Doc: xx. Sabbatical: Pr J H Davis.
1999-2001 Hired Axelle Grélard as Engineer on the NMR platform. PhD: C Fares.
2002-2003 Installation of 300 MHz. Isabelle Pianet (CNRS Research Engineer) joins the Group, PhDs: K Barathieu, F Aussenac, C Simon, I Marcotte. Post-Doc: C Sizun
2004 Moved the IECB on new buildiung, Installation 300 MHz
2005-2006 Hired Benoit Odaert as CNRS Chargé de Recherche, PhDs: L Khemtemourien, C Loudet.
2007- Creation of the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Membranes and Nanoobjetcs. Group Biophysics of Membrane Assemblies. Installation of the 700 MHz & 100 MHz. PhDs: M Garnier-Lhomme, S Buchoux, MA Sani, F Jean-François. Post-Doc: A Diller

Installation of the 800 MHz as part of the TGIR RMN THC. Julie Géan (Associate professor University Bordeaux) joins the group. PhDs: V Rodriguez-Lima, O Cala, V Zhendre, C Bijani. Sabbatical: Pr A Nevzorov

2013- Hired Antoine Loquet as CNRS Chargé de Recherche. PhDs: JW Toupé, A Furlan, N Harmouche. Post docs: S Prakash, J Tolchard, B Habenstein


The Biophysics of Membrane Assemblies group in 2012


 The Biophysics of Membrane Assemblies group in 2005


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