In 1980 Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and French President Mr. Valery Giscard d'Estaing started discussions on a unique model for Indo-French collaborations in Science & Technology.

In 1987 the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research IFCPAR, Centre Franco Indien pour la Promotion de la Recherche Avancée, CEFIPRA, was created. Its aim was to foster scientific and industrial exchanges between Indian and French groups in all disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth & Planet, Computing, Environment).

Whereas collaborative projects have been granted for the last 27 years in the main frame of the Indo French partnership, the Governing Bodies of both countries proposed additional specific actions: Region-to-Region partnerships.




Following a visit of a delegation of 30 Karnataka Scientists and Industrials in Aquitaine in November 2013, and headed by Dr Prithviraj Secretary of the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, and Dr. Dutta (CEFIPRA director), it was decided that Academic and Industrial collaborations will be developed between the Aquitaine Region (cap. Bordeaux) in France and the State of Karnataka (cap. Bangalore) in India.

The first action in this Region-to-Region program will be dedicated to the exchange of pre-doctoral students between Aquitaine and Karnataka. This is a pilot program and has the vocation, if sucessful, to be extended to other Regions in France and in India.

Please note that a PhD (Doctorate level) program also exists through Raman-Charpak Fellowships and is managed by CEFIPRA.




A Pilot programme to favour exchanges at the pre-doctorate level (Master, Engineer, M.Sc, M.Tech) is launched between Universities, Institutes, Engineering Schools and Industries of Aquitaine and Karnataka.

The programme will grant 3-6 month research/industrial trainings for Indian students willing to accomplish a project in Aquitaine and for French students willing to do the same in Karnataka.

Funding is provided through CEFIPRA, and includes travel, accommodation and a Scholarship to live in India or in France.


The programme will comprise the following phases:


  • Projects will be proposed by French and Indian Principal Investigators (PI) belonging to Institutes/Industries.
  • Scientific Committee selects projects on the basis of scientific renown of both Pi and Laboratory/Industry, and PI's capability to supervise students (two weeks tilme).
  • Projects are displayed in the web site. Coordinators make selected projects known to target students.
  • Interested students contact PI's and reach mutual agreement (results in Invitation letter from PI)
  • The final selection is made by the Scientific Committee, who is considering the quality of students, their motivation and a recommendation from a tutor PI in the applicants'country (one week time).
  • The coordinators submit the candidatures to governments clearance (one month time)
  • Once approved, CEFIPRA/IFCPAR coordinates travel & accommodation. It is the students responsability to obtain a visa.
  • Students are supervised by the PI proposing the project in one country and by a tutor PI in the other country.
  • The final evaluation is made after completion of the project and a certificate is issued indicating the student's performance.

Granting system: CEFIPRA (Aquitaine or Karnataka Governments in the future)

For Indian students visiting French Lab,
To and fro Travel cost: Approx. 875 euros (Rs. 70,000)
Accommodation & Fellowship : 1300 euros per month (Approx. Rs. 104,000/- per month)
For French students visiting  Indian Lab:
To and fro travel cost:   1200 euros (Approx. Rs. 96,000)
Fellowship : Approx. Euros 300 per month (Rs. 24,000/- per month)
Accommodation : Guest house/hotel charges Maximum (Approx.) Euros 565 per month (Max.Rs. 45,000/- per month)
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