IPEPS is The first international master program focused on analytical tools for drugs and natural products. Located in Bordeaux (France) and Rabat (Morocco), our program enables students to study across two countries and learn from internationally renowned universities.


   Our one year master programm will quickly and smartly provides relevant professionnals skills to every students who desire to work in the pharmaceutical field. Not only trained on quality control, sustainable development and analytical methods, this master will bring them knowledge about herbal medicines and naturals products. They will also have the possibility to benefit from our strong network of international professionnals.

 Futhermore , our three mounths exchange programme between both universities in Bordeaux and Rabat, is the best way to gain firsthand experience and to expand their knoledge in the field of science.


  Our internationally renowned program combines academic excellence with the global expertise of pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies executives that reflect the role of the quality control and analytical development in the company's life. With the management project, students will deal with practical subjects by taking part in business challenges: they may solve problems with private laboratories, or manage the development of a new product and learn from the medicines and health products expertise of the researchers from many countries they’ll be working with




Dr Boutayna Rhourri-Frih, University of Bordeaux, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bordeaux, France


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Manager Boutayna FRIH


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